Helping Organizations Meet Their Goals for Success

Enhance Your Company With Our B2B Consulting Services


Helping Organizations Meet Their Goals for Success

Enhance Your Company With Our B2B Consulting Services


Your Partner in Achieving Sustainable Success

Hawkins Strategies Group helps organizations in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors by offering a suite of services that will contribute to their long-term success. Our team provides clients with a variety of strategy and solutions that address their marketing, management, and assessment needs. We also offer Chief Financial Officer level commercial community bank financial solutions that your company needs to excel in your market.

About Us

We are a B2B consulting firm that has been assisting small to medium businesses in Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico since 2001. We are passionate about the importance of an organization's relevance to its stakeholders. That’s why we provide services that help companies meet their goals and achieve long-term growth and sustainability.

James Hawkins

In 2016, James joined Linda at the Hawkins Strategies Group after serving as a chief financial officer for almost 50 years in the commercial community banking industry. This is where he continues to provide his professional services, which include:

  • CFO support consulting and Commercial bank controller services
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence for investor group purchasing commercial banks
  • Business plan preparation for investor groups and regulatory agencies
  • Regulatory agency negotiations (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)
  • Bank purchase approval assistance
  • Bank CFO services include:
  • Business process improvement facilitation
  • Asset/Liability Management and Investment Portfolio Analysis

Our Founder

Linda Hawkins has been involved with nonprofit organizations, community development, and higher education since 1988. She understands the ins and outs of running a small business as well as a complex, grant-funded nonprofit organization. Linda has experience training nonprofit executive directors and conducting comprehensive board of directors training sessions.

She believes in the power of consensus decision-making having seen firsthand what large groups can accomplish when they are all on the same page.

Mission Statement

To provide high-quality services tailored to help our clients broaden their competitive advantage by meeting their goals and objectives.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Stewardship

Committed to Your Long-Term Success

We provide clients with access to the essential resources that can help make them successful in today's global economy. Our collaborative team of experienced nonprofit, education, and business leaders will give you a solid foundation that propels your organization to the next level. Our firm’s focus is to add value to our client’s organizations and prepare them for continued success.


Our Services

Hawkins Strategies Group offers a wide variety of services that will help your organization financially, administratively, and strategically. Our work will address these questions you have about your organization:

  • Does your organization need Bank CFO capabilities including: facilitate improved business processes and/or ALM?
  • Does your organization need Asset/Liability Management including: writing policies or procedures that exceed regulatory guidance?
  • Does your organization need a liaison services with regulatory authorities?
  • Does your organization need a facilitator for a strategic planning process?
  • Does your organization need support and writing assistance for a complex report?
  • Does your organization need a feasibility study for its funders?
  • Does your organization need access to a clearinghouse of funding sources for your project?
  • Does your organization need a targeted industry list to retain its current operations?
  • Does your organization need a competitive analysis?
  • Does the Board of Directors need contract management or an interim Executive Director for a nonprofit?
  • Does your organization need an economic development industry research study to recruit new clients?
  • Does your organization need help with a marketing plan?
  • Does your organization need to identify its stakeholders and conduct a stakeholder analysis workshop?
  • Does your organization need help designing community development wealth-building projects?
  • Does your organization need help for an outcomes assessment project?
  • Does your organization need a firm to conduct focus groups or to facilitate a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis?

Strategic Planning

Our firm provides a wide variety of strategic planning, consulting, and implementation services. We can help in all areas of strategic assessment areas including:

  • Facilitating staff or board discussion of strategic goals
  • Facilitating focus groups, facilitating community SWOT analyses
  • Writing outcome reports of qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Writing feasibility studies for USDA Business and Industrial funding
  • Facilitating a workshop on the organization's stakeholders
  • Developing and implementing community wealth-building projects
  • Providing comprehensive approaches by designing and establishing plans Implementing the strategic goals for your organization.

Interim Management

Hawkins Strategies Group can serve as an interim executive for organizations that are changing executive staff. This service is ideal for businesses or companies that are in the midst of transition or change due to several factors including mergers and/or executive resignations.

James is ready to step in as CFO in an as-needed basis for banks and Linda can step in to a nonprofit organization as a CEO or Executive Director. We take great pride in being able to add value to your organization, especially in the management, finance, assessment, and strategy departments. Our team sees this as an opportunity to assist you in finding the edge that will take your company to the next level.

Market Research and Planning

For companies who need a seasoned marketing professional but can’t afford to hire an executive, our firm can function as your Chief Marketing Officer on a temporary or limited basis. We can help in all areas of marketing including:

  • Conducting market research
  • Facilitating staff or board discussion of marketing goals
  • Conducting research and development of targeted industry lists for business development
  • Performing industry research studies for business development
  • Facilitating design and development of media pieces including websites, newsletters, press releases
  • Providing comprehensive marketing approaches
  • Designing and establishing marketing plans
  • Implementing the strategic goals for your organization.

Outcome Assessment

We provide comprehensive analyses of your organization’s plans and strategies to produce data that can be used in a variety of other projects. Our firm can help in all areas of outcome assessment including:

  • Facilitating staff or board discussion of assessment issues
  • Providing comprehensive approaches
  • Designing and establishing the plan for implementing the outcome assessment goals for your organization.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested in using any of our services, reach out to our office today. We are more than happy to help your organization achieve its goals and set itself up for long-term growth and success.