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Strategic Planning

Hawkins Strategies Group can provide strategic planning, consulting & implementation services including facilitating an analysis of the organization's stakeholders, facilitating two types of strategic planning ("bottoms-up" or "top-down"), or provide a more comprehensive approach by designing & establishing the plan for implementing the strategic goals for your organization. 
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Key Benefits Capabilities

C-Level Policy Formation
Consensus Decision Making
Training & Coaching

Key Benefits

  • facilitated and led strategic planning sessions as well as written the strategic plan for community banks.
  • developed an effective workshop on the analysis of your organization's stakeholders.  It can be accomplished with a six module workshop that takes about a half of a day.  The results from this workshop will help prepare the organization to begin its strategic planning process.
  • broad expertise in facilitating SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis with key staff or in a community setting.  The SWOT analysis can be the first stage in developing a comprehensive strategic plan.
  • facilitating services can link & encourage the organization's stakeholders to develop a strategic plan.  This can accomplished by short, intense brainstorming sessions which will evolve into a strategic plan.  This is called a "bottoms-up" approach.
  • work with key personnel to facilitate the development of a strategic plan with a "top-down" approach.
  • development of a strategic plan  often requires an assessment of the organizations mission & goals --- the firm has extensive experience in facilitating or developing an outcomes assessment plan.
  • writing complex reports that are the outcome of qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as writing feasibility studies for USDA B&I funding.
  • implementing community wealth-building projects including goals from community visioning projects.    Back


  • Consultation with senior staff on how to establish, implement, maintain, then assess the effectiveness of a strategic plan
  • Facilitating grass-roots strategic planning using teams
  • Training services   Back


Hawkins Strategies Group has extensive experience at the "C-level" of non-profit organizations where it brings an unique perspective to a firm in strategically assisting with policy formation & interpretation from an executive level.    Back
Hawkins Strategies  Group has extensive experience as the principal investigator for a community development grant.  This grant was responsible for establishing a strategic set of goals for community development that the entire community could become involved in.  This capability brings an unique sense of the power of consensus community decision making, bringing different interest groups to the table, to develop, then implement a common goal from a grass-roots level.    Back
Hawkins Strategies Group has extensive experience in training & motivating staff in adopting the strategic planning  techniques.   Back

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