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Revenue Development is critical to the long-term success of the organization by stabilizing the organizationís financial resources.  We can help in all areas of revenue development including the design of a fund raising plan that supports the vision and goals of the organization including the development and writing for grants.  The services can include providing a clearinghouse of funding opportunities identifying resources such as capital funding, grant resources, bank relations, professional legal and accounting firms, and recruiting firms to ensure the highest caliber of professional services available for its clients.  The services from the plan can include:

  •     Facilitate an organizational discussion on the various types of resource development
  •     Increase the available pool of funding through grant development and writing
  •     Revenue generation through special events, fund-raising drives, foundation support and corporate giving
  •     Establishing a timeline and areas of responsibility
  •     Staff & volunteer training

We can provide outsourced revenue development services that many small non-profits need and tailor our services to meet the needs of the organization no matter how small or large.    For a summary & more information on our qualifications & capabilities click here.

Key Benefits Capabilities Services

Fund Raising Planning

Implementation Planning & Support
Grant Writing & Administration, Liaison, Training

Key Benefits

  • We can have a stable of highly skilled former Chief Professional Officers with over 30 years of experience of grant writing & administration experience and management of annual campaigns.  Their experience ranges from design of the fund raising plan that leads to grant research, writing the grant (federal, state, & private foundation) to managing annual campaigns.  The team of CPOs has successfully written $4.3 million in grants, managed grant projects exceeding $1 million, and raised $550,000 annually with workplace and corporate campaigns. 

  • We can tailor the breadth and depth of our services to the needs of your organization.

  • We can provide a range of revenue development services  Back


Capability 1
We can help you establish fund raising plan
Capability 2
We can take your fund raising plan, develop an implementation plan & support your efforts
Capability 3
We can provide a revenue development services  Back


Fund Raising Planning

  • We have a consultants with extensive experience training and managing paid staff and volunteers and writing fund raising plans to meet the needs of the organization.  Generally, fund raising  planning efforts should be tied to an organization's strategic plans so that the organization's management efforts make sense with the organization's mission and goals, both short and long term.  Back

Implementation Planning & Support

  • Sometimes fund raising efforts are too expensive, in terms of volunteer efforts and costs, for the return from these efforts.  Our firm believes that revenue development should be efficient and effective.  Our consultants have have extensive experience in all phases of fund raising with a special emphasis on grant research, writing, and administering grants, plus the design and management of annual campaigns.  We specialize in writing the grants and facilitating and training organizations to work with teams to implement the fund raising planning efforts, ..... bringing everyone to the table.  We also have the technological skills to complete the projects that implement the the fund raising plan including financial management, grant development and management, marketing & communication strategies, training, maintaining extensive databases & operational issues.        Back

Broad Range of Revenue Development Services

  • We have extensive experience and a passion for the "numbers" that come from solid revenue development management.   Every position and consulting project that our consultants have held over the last 30 years had a strong research component.  As a result it their belief that decisions are based on good research and sound economic activities.  These efforts can include the following activities:

  • Contract grant identification, writing and administration, including research, labor market information and community development

  • Liaison to local, state and federal government advocating policy

  • Maintain databases

  • Volunteer training   Back

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