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Hawkins Strategies Group can help in all areas of marketing issues including market research, facilitating staff or board discussion of marketing goals or provide a more comprehensive approach by designing & establishing the marketing plan for implementing the strategic goals for your organization.   For emerging companies with the need for a seasoned marketing professional who require exceptional results but cannot justify the expense of a full-time officer, we can function as Chief Marketing Officer on a temporary or limited basis. 
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Key Benefits Capabilities Key Services
Marketing Planning & Support
Implementation Planning & Support
Market Research

Key Benefits

  • write a new marketing plan or tailor an existing marketing plan to take your organization to the next level
  • help with communication efforts to your stakeholders including website design and maintenance and newsletters.
  • provide a range of marketing services from comprehensive marketing plans to specialized focus groups, economic development market research services, environmental scan research services, or other specific marketing research needs that may be part of a larger marketing plan
  • offers a highly skilled Chief Marketing Officer that can jump start your marketing efforts in a part-time or temporary capacity Back


Capability 1
Hawkins Strategies Group can help you establish marketing & communication plan
Capability 2
Hawkins Strategies Group can take your marketing plans & develop an implementation plan.  Support efforts can include the design, development, and maintenance of a website.
Capability 3
Hawkins Strategies Group can provide a broad range of market research services especially in the areas of identifying companies for communities to contact for relocation.  Back


Marketing Planning Support
Our founder has extensive experience in both facilitating, with staff & volunteers, & writing marketing plans to meet the needs of the organization.  Generally, marketing planning efforts should be tied to an organization's strategic plans so that the marketing & communications efforts make sense with the organization's mission & goals, both short and long term.  Back

Implementation Planning & Support

Sometimes marketing plans get "put on the shelf" next to the strategic plan with no clear operational budget & implementation plan.  Hawkins Strategies Group has extensive experience taking both simplex & complex plans and facilitating the implementation of these plans using project management techniques.  It specializes in facilitating & teaching organizations to work with teams to implement the planning efforts, bringing everyone to the table.  It also has the skill set to complete many of the projects to implement the the marketing plan including media buys; design of brochures, newsletters, & other printed materials; design & maintenance of web sites.  Back
Market Research Expertise

Hawkins Strategies Group has extensive experience & a passion for the "numbers" that come from solid market, economic development, & institutional research activities.  These efforts can range from environmental scans that organizations do to find out what is happening in their service areas to competitive intelligence review looking at what is happening with competitors and within the industry sector.  Specific offerings can include economic development market research that is industry specific, surveys, and focus groups of internal & external stakeholders.    Back

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