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Interim Mgmt

Interim Management Services - Organizations change. These changes can result from economic cycles causing missions to adjust.  Change will most likely not occur randomly, but along predictable routes of disorganization when top leadership positions become vacant or remain in the grip of an ineffective CEO.  A change consultant is more than an agent for change.  A change consultant can efficiently make a transition period one that sets the table for a new, more effective leadership.

Hawkins Strategies Group is able to fully direct a non-profit organization until a new executive is found.  Generally, an interim change consultant is enlisted following the abrupt departure of a CEO or to determine if a CEO or executive director is endangering the stability of an organization or failing to strategize for the future.  If a replacement must occur, Hawkins Strategies Group then assumes the role and responsibilities caused by the vacancy.  For a summary & more information on our qualifications & capabilities click here.

It is extremely important to place someone temporarily at the top who can make a transition period a time of forward motion particularly when missions and markets could be undermined by circumstances. We can manage the interim period with strong leadership while analyzing existing systems, examining accounts, and reviewing employees at all levels.    This time can become a remarkable opportunity to bite into the underlying causes of the vacancy and strengthen systems so that the new executive begins with the best possible advantage.

As in a turnaround operation, Hawkins Strategies Group will perform not only as a consultant, who has carefully studied how organizations operate and succeed, but as a director able to move the company forward.

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