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Association Mgmt

Association Management - We can help in all areas of association management for the nonprofit sector  including association meetings & special events, board management, records management, membership development, marketing & communication strategies, financial management, and market research activities.  We can provide outsourced management services that many small non-profits need and tailor our services to meet the needs of the association no matter how small, or large.  For a summary & more information on our qualifications & capabilities click here.

Key Benefits Capabilities Services
Association Planning & Management
Implementation Planning & Support
Broad Range of Services

Key Benefits

  • We can help you to address association management via board relations, membership and communication strategies.  Our strength lies in non-profit management in rural and Mexican border areas as well as metro areas in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

  • We can have a stable of highly skilled former Chief Professionals Officers with over 30 years of experience managing 501(c)(3)s and 501(c)(6)s.  Their experience ranges from board development, strategic planning and implementation, grant writing, comprehensive marketing and communication expertise, and marketing research services.

  • We can tailor the breadth and depth of our services to the needs of your organization.

  • We can provide a range of financial services from managing the day-to-day operations using Quick Books, budgeting, financial analysis and systems design, to preparing funding requests and revenue development.   Back


Capability 1
We can help you establish association management plan
Capability 2
We can take your association management plans & develop an implementation plan & support your efforts
Capability 3
We can provide a broad range of association management services  Back


Association Management Planning

  • We have a consultants with extensive experience in both facilitating, with staff & volunteers, & writing association management plans to meet the needs of the organization.  Generally, association management  planning efforts should be tied to an organization's strategic plans so that the association management efforts make sense with the organization's mission & goals, both short and long term.  Back

Implementation Planning & Support

  • Sometimes association management gets "managed by the seat of the pants" and plans are sometimes put on the shelf next to the strategic plan with no clear operational budget & implementation plan.  Our consultants have have extensive experience taking both simplex & complex plans and facilitating the implementation of these plans using project management techniques.  We specialize in facilitating & training organizations to work with teams to implement the planning efforts, bringing everyone to the table.  We also have the computer skill set to complete many of the projects to implement the the association management plan including financial, membership development and management, marketing & communication strategies, board & staff development & operational issues.  Back

Broad Range of Association Management Services

  • We have extensive experience & a passion for the "numbers" that come from solid association management.  Every position that our consultants have over the last 30 years have already had a strong research component in it due to their beliefs that good decisions are based on good research & sound economic activities.  These efforts can include the following activities:

  • Management of the membership to maximize association goals & values

  • Recommend changes in policies on the basis of association needs analysis, trends, and market conditions

  • Provide association management with meaningful analysis of the various functions of the association

  • Board training and development

  • Facilitate strategic plans

  • Grant writing and resource development

  • Event planning

  • Market research including survey design and analysis

  • Prepare budgets and explain all variances

  • Provide educational and training programs for management, staff, and board of directors

  • Provide consulting services for managing change within the organization   Back

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